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Factoring & Invoice Discounting

Do you waste valuable time and effort chasing invoices?

Would you like to leave the worry of managing sales finance to the professionals?

We have excellent relationships with reputable factorers and can provide you with a solution to suit your practice.  We will give you up to 85% of the value of your invoices instantly and you can use this cash to finance growth or to free up some working capital. Factoring is a workable option for most businesses today, and we have many years’ experience delivering factoring for all kinds of practice professionals.

How Factoring Works

You sell us your invoices and allow us to collect them for you.  We in return will give a fixed percentage of their total value.  You then receive the balance of the invoice after the client pays it. It is just that easy.

Discount Invoicing

Would you prefer to collect your own invoices? Instead of selling us your invoices, you can borrow money against them and pay it back after your customer pays you.

Factoring and discount invoicing helps you to:-

  • Control your working capital flexibly
  • Keep cash flow moving and avoid having to draw on equity
  • Keep overheads down by outsourcing credit management
  • Reduce bad debts
Our factoring and discount services complement your existing banking arrangements and our specialists are on hand to help you decide if factoring and invoice discounting is the right choice for you.  Please give us a call now on 0800 0199 346.