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Equipment Finance

Do you need to update your office technology?

Are you planning to refurbish your premises?

We have a range of flexible finance options to suit your needs.

Allowing us to finance your equipment acquisition enables you to avoid high capital outlay and effectively grow your business.  As well as spreading asset costs and easing cash flow by using equipment finance to purchase outright, you can choose:

  • Lease Purchase
  • Hire Purchase
  • Lease Finance

Each option has its pros and cons.  You may wish to release the tax burden of carrying costly assets on your balance sheet, or spread the cost of VAT across the length of the agreement term.

You can decide whether or not to take ownership of the asset at the end of the agreement.  For instance, lease purchase may suit you when purchasing high-value assets that will still have significant worth at the end of the agreement.  Your rental payments are effectively loan payments that give you full ownership of the asset after making the last payment.

If you are looking for finance against equipment you own, Sale and Leaseback may be the best option.

We are ready to assist you in finding the best equipment financing option that suits the needs of your practice, so please give us a call now on 0800 0199 346