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Are you a chartered surveyor seeking a loan to give your business a much-needed boost?

Do you need help to finance office relocation?

Are you looking for additional funding to buy new IT equipment?

We have various lending solutions that will meet your specific needs and make a real difference to your business.

Loans for Chartered Surveyors

Our loans for chartered surveyors allow you more control over cash flow and increase your ability to expand your practice.  Some examples of how you could use an unsecured loan include:-

  • Annual fees
  • New equipment
  • Practice acquisitions and expansions
  • Partner buy-ins
  • Recruitment Costs
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

Benefits for you:-

  • Flexible budget planning
  • Other credit lines unaffected
  • Complete spending flexibility
  • Tax relief on your payments
Whatever your needs may be, we boast a great track record of satisfying the finance needs of our professional clients because we listen to you and deliver flexible, tailored solutions.

Our expert advisors can provide you with the funding you need quickly and set you up a repayment plan that is suited to your needs.

Contact us on 0800 0199 346 and let us help your surveying practice thrive.  Your funding could be with you within as little as 24 to 48 hours.

For more information on Loans for Chartered Surveyors

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I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for the speed an efficiency with which you deal with my loan application. The initial one page form was simplicity itself
and to receive approval within 24 hours and the loan remittence within 4 days was incredible.
Many thanks for all your efforts and that of the funder in completing the transaction within the shortest possible time,