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About Professions Practice Finance

Professions Practice Finance has been providing unsecured business loans for professional practitioners for over a decade.  We specialise in delivering financial solutions to professionals like you.

Our UK professions finance is for practitioners in:-

Funding Partners

Our funding partners include reputable banks and other financial providers who also specialise in financial products designed for practice professions.  Over the years we have nurtured strong relationships with these providers that enables us to deliver precisely-tailored solutions that fully take account of your needs.

Knowledge and Expertise

We have been helping professionals like you for over 10 years to get the finance they need to make their practices a success.  Our specialists have a thorough knowledge of your profession and we also appreciate that your practice has specific financial needs and business objectives. We only offer funding solutions that take these into account.

Unsecured Practice Loans for Your Needs

You could use one of our unsecured practice loans for:-

  • New specialist equipment
  • A partnership buy-in or buy-out
  • Boosting cash flow
  • Tax funding
These are just a few examples and our finance lets you use your current funding sources for other projects, because our loans do not affect your other credit lines.
Click here to apply now or call us on 0800 0199 346 to have a chat with us about your finance needs.  We could have your funds with you in as little as 1 to 2 days.